How do I add a base formula used in my product?

HomeHow do I add a base formula used in my product?

If you are using a base formula and adding other ingredients to this you will need to know the composition of the base formula. Ask your supplier or the manufacturer to provide you with this information. They may be only willing to provide percentage ranges for each ingredient in their product, but preferably will give you the exact percentages.

You need to first add the base product as a raw material by selecting ‘New’ in the Raw Materials menu. You can then enter each ingredient directly into the raw material composition, entering either exact percentages or percentage ranges. For exact percentages, enter the same % value in both the Min. and Max. columns. Once you’ve created your base formula as a raw material this will then be available to add to your main product formula from where you can also add the additional ingredients. If you still require support in creating your first formula, please download the Getting Started Guide.