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EU perfume allergens proposal stalled until 2015

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The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) now identified more than 100 additional individual substances and natural extracts as established contact allergens or likely contact allergens by combination of evidence. The scientific committee recommends that the consumer be made aware of the presence of all known and likely fragrance allergens in cosmetic products and not only the 26 currently listed. This will impact cosmetic companies significantly, potentially increasing the amount of data that must be included on product labels.

There are two proposals tabled for how the tighter regulations for fragrance allergens will be implemented, either of which we will offer as an update for Cosmetri users once the decision has been made:

  1. use abbreviations or the international nomenclature for cosmetic ingredients (INCI) for substances;
  2. to make consumer information electronically available, instead of printing it on the label.

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The list of proposed allergens that would be affected the change in regulations can be downloaded here.


More information will be posted on this topic, as soon as we hear something.