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Release date: 18th November 2017

cosmetri v3.7 introduces new features that provide improved management of product labels and optimization of product costs and profit margins, including entering costs in any currency with live update of exchange rates. Version 3.7 also includes new tools for managing colors/shades of your formulas. Read on to learn how you can benefit from the new options available and for important information for existing users.

Product Labels

The Formula/Labels tab has been completely re-designed, providing full management of the information required on your product label. This includes options for selecting standard label symbols and exporting a complete label report in .pdf, .xls and .doc format – useful for example, for sending to your label designer or for approval by your safety assessor.

In the upgraded Formula/Labels tab, you can:

  • set additional colors/shades for the formula
  • customize the display of the list of ingredients
  • edit product/formula data fields, directly in the tab
  • determine how ingredients with exactly 1.0000000 %w/w should be displayed
  • edit ingredient common names and US INCIs
  • optimize label of ingredients for multi-country formats, including US
  • add additional content and instructions
  • check list of all items required for labels
  • export labels report to .xls, .pdf and .doc
  • exported data includes selected additional files and symbols


IMPORTANT: Editing any product or formula data directly from the ‘Labels’ tab may affect compliance. If a user should not be allowed to edit product or formula data, please use the ‘Departments’ settings to also prevent editing of data in the Formula/Label tab.

Click on the link below to download a new guide of managing product labels:


Managing Colors/Shades

You can now enter different colors/shades of your formula – especially useful if you do not require separate formula versions for each, for example when declaring colors/shades on your label according to Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

You can create a formula and then add the colors/shades associated with the formula, either in the updated ‘Formula Composition’ tab, or in the Formula/Labels tab.


manage cosmetic colors shades


EXISTING USERS: Your formula data will not be affected by the new options for managing colors/shades. You can however opt to use the new method for managing these, requiring only one formula version describing all associated colors/shades for the product.

Enter a color/shade name and select from any ingredient that is associated with the function ‘COSMETIC COLORANT’, entering a %w/w value for each. You can enter multiple color ingredients for any color/shade. If your existing formula includes an ingredient that only has the function ‘COSMETIC COLORANT’ assigned to it and is <1%w/w concentration, cosmetri recognizes this and includes the ingredient name in your label of ingredients, at the end of the list.

If you prefer to use the new method for managing colors/shades, you can use an existing formula and identify the color/shade of this version by entering the name in the ‘Color/Shade’ field of the formula’s ‘Info’ tab. You can then enter the additional colors/shades, with your label generated accordingly to show the additional color ingredients that may be included in the product. These colors/shades are also listed in your dossier/PIF report.


IMPORTANT: If you are using cosmetri for manufacturing and entering product batches, we recommend that you continue to manage separate formula versions for each color/shade. This will ensure, that inventory for your color raw materials are correctly dispensed and that your product batches and batch protocols are generated for each specific color/shade of your product that is manufactured.

For further information on managing colors/shades, please refer to the section ‘List of ingredients/ Colors/shades’ in the following guide:


Calculating costs and profit margins

Brand new features in cosmetri v3.7 allow costs for raw materials and packaging items to be entered in any currency. When you perform product cost calculations in the Formula/Costs tab, any costs entered in a different currency will be calculated at the current exchange rate.

cost select currency

Formula costs simulations now include additional calculations of the following:

  • Bulk product costs per kg/L of the product, including production
  • Difference compared with target cost, as set in the ‘Product Requirements’ tab
  • Profit/loss based on distributor and retail price, set in Product/Unit Sizes’ tab
  • Percentage profit margins


cosmetic product cost calculations

These additional calculations are included in the exported .xls data.

You can also now view the line total for packaging item costs in a packaging set.


For further details of managing costs in cosmetri, download the new guide:


Assigning Ingredient Functions

In version 3.7 you now have full control of the functions you can associate with an ingredient at raw material level. Single-ingredient raw materials can have their function(s) assigned in the raw material’s ‘Composition’ tab and are no longer restricted to the CosIng-listed functions for that ingredient. All functions set at raw material level are carried forward to the formula when you add the raw material, with the option to add further functions for the raw material in your formula.

Note – that ingredients added directly to your raw material or formula from one of the separate lists will automatically assume the following associated function, which cannot be changed:

  • Perfume Allergens / PERFUMING
  • Preservatives / PRESERVATIVE
  • UV Filters / UV FILTER