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Cosmetri software for cosmetics businesses v3.0

If you’re familiar with cosmetri as an existing user, or have in the past trialed the software, you’ll find the new version has taken another huge leap in improving usability while providing even greater functionality.

Already trialed cosmetri?

Already trialed cosmetri?

If you’ve previously trialed the software and wish to try out the new version, click here to request a new trial and free online demonstration.

To get the most out of this new version, we’ve listed below the new features, enhancements and bug fixes as well as some tips for existing users.

Important note for existing users

Important note for existing users

Upon first login, we recommend that your clear your browser’s cache so that the cosmetri files are refreshed to the new versions. For Windows users, click on F5, or for Mac OS when you are logged into Keep&Share in your browser press Command-R (hold down the “Command” key and then, while still holding it, press the “R” key on your computer's keyboard). You should see your browser screen refresh. We also recommend that you reset all help panels so that you can check the latest version. Go to 'My Profile' in the user menu (top right) and click on the 'Reset Help Panels' tab-

New Feature – Service Providers

Cosmetri v.3 includes a brand new Service Provider version. This enables you to collaborate securely and efficiently with service providers involved in the development, safety, compliance, manufacturing and management of your cosmetics products – such as a formulator, safety assessor, contract manufacturer or laboratory.


You no longer need to exchange complex Excel or Word files via email and then re-enter data in cosmetri. Instead, you can grant access to your service providers and request their support directly in your cosmetri account, streamlining collaboration and communication. Read on about the new security and privacy features we’ve introduced to enable control of permissions and access for users.

Click on Team / Service Providers to invite your service providers to setup a free service provider account.

Under Global Settings / Users, you’ll then be able to add them as a user with special service provider status. Service providers do not count towards your plan’s allocation of maximum allowed users, so you can add as many as you require.

Your service provider can login to your account securely, enabling you to view and share the same data. You can also assign tasks and reminders to your service provider, who will see a notification in their own cosmetri account.

As an existing cosmetri user, you can apply to cosmetri to have your account upgraded for free to service provider status, if you are a professional offering services in one of the following areas:

  • formulator
  • safety assessor
  • contract manufacturer
  • laboratory
  • compliance

You’ll be able to invite and manage clients with linked cosmetri accounts, view the status of each client and be able to login to their account as a special Service Provider user. You also receive access to a ‘Safety’ tab in the Formula level, which enables generation of safety assessments.

If you are an existing cosmetri subscriber, email to apply for a free upgrade to service provider status.

Security and Privacy Updates


A new 'Clients' category under 'Products' enables you to sort your products by client or brand. You can then select which users can access which products, useful for example, if you have granted service providers or a cosmetri VA access to your account and want to restrict access to certain products.

We've also made the 'Departments' global settings available to Business plan users. Just login as the admin user and select Global Settings / Departments. You can create any number of departments and control exactly which content in your cosmetri account is visible, as well as restricting access to key functions. Once you've configured your departments, go to the 'Users' tab and assign a department to each user.

As the admin user, under Global Settings / Users, you can easily activate or deactivate users, by clicking in the 'Actions' column. This is useful if you want to restrict access for certain users to a specific timeframe - such as for a service provider or VA granted access for a specific task or project. We've also changed the way maximum allowed users are determined for each cosmetri plan so that only active users count towards your maximum allowed users. For example, as a Business subscriber you can have up to three active users, but also have unlimited VA and Service Provider users as well as inactive standard users.

In version 3.0 of cosmetri we've released further security updates as part of our ongoing commitment to protect your data using industry-leading internet security scanning technology.

New Feature – Safety Assessments

All users can now enter safety data and safety notes at the ingredient and raw material levels.


In the formula view, as a service provider user you can click on the new ‘Safety’ tab under ‘Specification’ where you can add safety data for the product. SED and MoS values are calculated for ingredients and you can export all safety data for use on your safety reports.


New Feature – Quick Links

Add any formula version as a Quick Link and this will appear in a new menu in the top of the screen. Just click on the Quick Link checkbox in the product list, as shown below:


Or in the formula view, click on the following checkbox:


Add as many quick links as you like. Selecting a quick link from the new menu enables you to navigate easily between items associated with the active product/formula:

  • Raw materials
  • Manufacturing orders
  • Packaging items
  • Tests
  • Documents


Click on the ‘Product’ or ‘Formula’ link to open that view for the active Quick Link:


New Feature – Multi-Client

clients-brandsUse the new Clients/Brands categories to assign each product to a custom category. You can then select which users can view which products. Add a user for each of your clients and grant them with access to your account so that they can view their products. Use the Departments global setting to additionally control what content each user can access. Enterprise plan subscribers can purchase additional users at a cost of €39 p.m. +VAT on an annual subscription basis. Contact us to inform us of your requirements.

Note for existing cosmetri users: If you create client/brand categories, you must assign every product to a category. Unassigned products will be visible by all users. You'll see a warning in the Clients/Brands page if any products are unassigned. Upon creation of a new product you will then be required to assign the product to a client/brand category. Use a category such as 'Default' for products that you don't want to assign to any client/brand and then select which users should be able to access these.


Changes to User Interface

While retaining the familiar interface, we’ve improved the layout and usability of cosmetri. As well as introducing the new Quick Links menu and navigation bar, you’ll see some changes in the Formula level.


The ‘Composition’ tab is now called ‘Specification’ and we’ve re-arranged the elements in the sub-tabs, including adding a brand new ‘Safety’ tab for creating safety assessments (for Service Providers only).

Packaging Costs

We’ve upgraded the packaging costs to make this consistent with how packaging costs are entered for raw materials. A new ‘Costs’ tab is now available for packaging items, enabling you to add cost arrays and additional costs on a per item/unit and % of cost basis.

The costs field in the ‘Information’ tab has now been deprecated. Any previous value entered in this field will have been moved to the new 'Costs' tab. None of your packaging costs will have been affected by this upgrade.

You now have the flexibility to enter arrays for your packaging item costs, as well as use the additional costs fields.

In the Global Settings / Default Settings, check the new options for how you wish to have costs calculated for arrays, when determining your packaging set costs. Select from either lowest, average or highest cost from the array.


Simplified PIF and Compliance Rules/Tasks

In the Formula/Tasks tab, a new checkbox enables disabling of raw material batch-related rules and tasks and allows for the generation of a simplified PIF version. You'll therefore not be required to upload CoA documents for your raw materials or  enter supplier and batch data. All existing formulas will have the checkbox unchecked, so you need to open the tab and check the chekbox to switch to the simplified, non-batch version. New formulas will have the checkbox selected by default.

Note: ASEAN version PIFs do require raw material batch data for the current poduct batch, so this new setting will not affect these reports.

Raw Materials and Packaging Management

cosmetri v3.0 makes it far easier to manage your raw materials, packaging items and their batches. We’ve made it simpler to identify when you are viewing the parent item. Cloning a parent to a first batch no longer requires entry of supplier and batch data for the parent.

Adding a raw material to your formula now selects the parent version by default, making it easy to manage formulas that do not yet require batch management.


If batches are associated with a parent, you can edit the parent data in the ‘Information’ and ‘Costs’ tab. Upon save, you’ll be prompted if you want to apply the changes to all batches or the parent only.

Important: For compliance purposes, raw material batches and their parent must have an identical composition. The Composition tab of any raw material batch is therefore now locked. To edit the composition, you’ll need to open the parent-level and the changes you make will then be applied to all associated batches. If any batch is already associated with a manufacturing order you will however not be able to apply the change. In this case we recommend that you create a new raw material parent with the revised composition.

New Formula Shades Field

In the Formula/Info tab you can enter a new 'Shade' field, enabling you to create different formula versions for the same product, each with their own color shade.


This is especially useful for EU compliance, where products with different shades that are otherwise identical may be submitted to the CPNP as one product. In the product list and formula lists you'll also be able to easily identify different formula versions by their shade. The PIF report will also show the shade associated with the formula. To create different formulas each with their own shade, just create your first version, then clone the formula to a new version, change the pigment used for this version in the composition and update the 'Shade' label accordingly. Done!

New Formula Label

In addition to the new 'Shade' field, you'll also see an additional label in the Formula/Info tab that can be used for identification of your formula. You might use this for example to make it easy to manage different draft versions of your formula during R&D. Soapmakers who maintain two formula versions - one for the saponified version (for compliance) and another for the pre-saponified (for manufacturing) version can use this new label for easy identification of each version.

New Feature – Raw Material Properties

As the admin user, you can create custom raw material properties - just go to Global / Settings / Default Settings. In the raw material 'Information' tab you'll then be able to check which of these properties apply:


You'll then be able to filter your raw materials list by property:


Raw materials properties are included in the exported safety assessment data.

What Else is New in cosmetri v.3?

We’ve also introduced the following improvements:

In the new ingredients data, US INCI names are now included. You can also enter a common name. These will be included in a later update to the label of ingredients (in Formula / Label)

We’ve increased the accuracy of formulation to seven decimal places, allowing for formulation of very small amounts of e.g. color pigments. Your existing %w/w values will not have been changed. If you don't require this level of accuracy, just enter e.g. '1.1' as the %w/w value and cosmetri will save this as '1.1000000'.

This has been increased to five decimal places to allow for accurate calculation of raw materials at low %w/w concentrations in small production amounts, such as for trial production runs at R&D stage.

This is now included in the dispense lists for ease of identification.

The following doc types have been added:

  • COMP (Raw Material): Details of the raw material composition, sometimes provided by the supplier/manufacturer as a separate document.
  • REAC (Raw Material): EU REACH data, according to Regulation (No 1907/2006)
  • ALGN (Production Formula, Raw Material): Statement or declaration on any allergens.

Bug Fixes:

We’ve made the following bug fixes, included in the release of cosmetri v.3.0:

A bug has been fixed whereby the string entered for finding a raw material by trade name was not working consistently.

On the dashboard a bug has been fixed so that the logged in user is automatically selected for display of their tasks and reminders.

File suffixes are no longer case sensitive, so it is now possible to upload a file with the filename example.DOC as well as example.doc. Please note that it is not possible to include periods in the filename, such as

Cloned formulas now successfully clone the formula ‘Method’ tab data and compliance checkbox states.

Fixed issue with incorrect display of hours in certain scenarios.