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Release date: 2nd February 2018

Here's what's new in our latest release of the cosmetri product manager, v3.8:


Several improvements make QA management easier than ever. Test parameters are now by default editable when creating the test. During test configuration, you can now select from a range of product and formula values and copy these to the parameters field. This makes it easy to for example, to set up a viscosity or pH test and grab the values entered for that formula, directly within the test configuration panel.

There’s a brand new ‘Retained Samples’ feature, enabling you to enter one or more samples associated with a manufactured product batch. You can do so in the ‘Approve’ tab, once the manufacturing order has been set to ‘Manufactured’.

Click on any sample ID from the manufacturing orders list or the ‘Approve’ tab, to open that sample and assign any tests for QA of your product batch samples.

Available test groups are those assigned to ‘Manufacturing’. You can schedule repeat tests for the retained samples. It is possible to approve the sample even if tests are scheduled for the future. Tests scheduled before today’s date must be passed OK (or skipped) for approval to be possible. You can also set custom approval statuses for retained samples, accessible in the Global Settings.

Some further improvements to QA management in cosmetri v3.8 include:

  • test results cannot be entered for future dates
  • tests that have results entered are not editable in the configure panel
  • new ‘Departments’ setting allows restriction of access by user to another operator’s test


In the global settings under ‘Manufacturing’ you can now activate a custom ID field for further identification of a manufacturing order – for example, an ID used by your accounting software. Click to activate the field and enter a custom label. You can also set whether the field should be required or is optional when creating the manufacturing order.

The ID will be displayed in the batch ticket, batch protocol and any test reports for the manufacturing order.

If you missed this recent hotfix, we’ve now added a new ‘Check Inventory’ button in the Dispense tab. Click this to quickly check if sufficient inventory is available to dispense the manufacturing order. If any inventory is missing, you’ll be notified of which raw material and the deficit.

Improved user management

Enterprise users can now subscribe additional users from the ‘Plans’ page. You’ll be able to then immediately add further users, such as your colleagues, VAs or clients. We’ve also made it easier to check your current available users quota.

Admin users can now update a user’s email address and reset their password. A user account can be deactivated, thus making a new user available for setup. For traceability, all data for the deactivated user will be retained in your account.

Important - deactivating a user can no longer be reversed! If you wish to temporarily prevent a user from accessing cosmetri, you’ll need to keep their account active. You can update their email address and reset their account password, thus preventing them from logging in.

Security and user permissions

In the Global Settings/Departments, there is now a third ‘view only’ option for access to pages and tabs with cosmetri. Use this setting if the logged in user should be allowed to view or export the data but is restricted from editing the content.

Note - if you haven’t checked the ‘Departments’ settings for a while, we recommend reviewing these. In recent releases we’ve added some further control, such as restricting the user from viewing other users’ tasks and tests.

Prevention of multiple user sessions logged in from different devices/locations. A force-logout feature enables you to close any open sessions and login from your current device and location.

Product clone

If you have clients/brands groups, cloning a product now requires selection of a group, ensuring that all products are correctly assigned and are only accessible to the users associated with the groups you authorize.

Raw materials and packaging items

Requested by several of our users, we’ve now extended the list view for raw materials and packaging items to include the Part Code/ID. This value is now searchable in the list, enabling easier location of materials by item code as well as trade name.