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Release: 3.2
Release date: 6th May 2017

The following updates were released with cosmetri v3.2.


  • Pagination preferences for no. of items listed per page is saved, based on last choice.


  • Each company record has now been extended to allow contact data for the company.
  • New tool enables easy bulk association of raw materials and packaging items to a different company. Click in the 'Actions' column.
  • Company ID must be unique

Products List

  • Save expand/collapsed view preference, based on last choice
  • New search text field, including search by product/formula reference


  • Default ‘measure by’ for new products is ‘by weight’

Raw Materials

  • View raw materials associated with any raw material category and bulk transfer to different category.
  • Show products/formulas using a raw material – accessible form the ‘Actions’ column of the raw materials list
  • Unlock raw material composition to allow changes of raw material batch composition – useful for e.g. essential oils with perfume allergens which vary from batch to batch. Batches already used for manufacture may not be changed. This feature is helpful for calculation of exact perfume allergen concentrations from batch to batch of your product, even when dispensing from multiple batches of the same raw material, where each batch may have a different allergen concentrations.
  • Raw material batches that have passed the expiry date are labelled as such.
  • Show/hide raw materials batches that are expired.
  • Show/hide raw materials batches that have no inventory.
  • Export raw material data from the raw materials list page. Data is exported in .csv format, including batches.


  • Accuracy of dispense and calculation of amounts increased to 7. i.e. 0.0000001 L/kg

Protection and Backup of Formula

Since production-mode formulas used for manufacture are locked and auto-updated to show the current raw material batches used, we have introduced the following new features to protect your formula data:

  • Upon first time dispense of a manufacturing order for a production-mode formula, a backup of the formula composition is automatically created. A new ‘Restore’ button enables restore to the original version, prior to update by the manufacturing order.
  • An additional option is provided to create a complete backup of the production-mode formula prior to dispense. If for example, the current version is 1.01, upon backup a version 1.02 will be created, with the label “backup of 1.01”.
  • A warning is generated if a production-mode formula use for manufacture does not have a total % composition of 100% +/- 0.001%

Bug Fixes

  • Clients/Brands list is now sorted alphabetically
  • Some minor improvements to reports layout