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Advanced cosmetic formula costs calculator now launched

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cosmetic formula costs calculator

The Cosmetri team has been really busy over recent weeks with a range of new features and improvements already released. And we’re gearing up for Cosmetri 2.0 - more news about that coming soon!

Due to popular demand, in this new release v.1.4 we’ve completely upgraded the formula costs calculator, enabling you to compare different formula versions side-by-side and optimise your raw material costs to maximise your profit margins.

Cosmetic Formula Costs Calculator

Features include:

  • side-by-side costs comparison of up to four formula versions
  • calculate costs per unit sizes, e.g. 50ml, 100ml, etc
  • export costs for selected formulas to .xls
  • breakdown of raw materials costs based on manufacturing quantity
  • additional shipping cost per raw material
  • additional percentage cost per raw material
  • additional cost per L/kg at formula level, e.g. for including labour, overheads etc
  • enter cost arrays for raw material to assess bulk discount saving
  • calculations shown using default currency

In version 2.0 of Cosmetri, scheduled for release by December 2015, we’ll be releasing a new packaging module which further extends the formula costs calculator by enabling accurate calculation of packaging costs, including all packaging components such as inserts, outer packaging, container and labelling.

Click below to view an introduction on using the new formula costs calculator:

cosmetic formula costs calculator

Other v.1.4 improvements

Version 1.4 also includes the following updates:

  • set a default currency in the global settings
  • supplier can be set as manufacturer
  • set raw material batch to ‘no expiry’
  • re-organisation of raw material information tab layout
  • re-organisation of user menu, including new global settings
  • product ‘unit sizes’ tab improvements, including:
    • set if product is sold by weight or volume
    • auto conversion of L/ml and kg/g
    • fixed automatic sort order inc. in batches tab and production reports
    • SKU not required

Click here to login and check out version 1.4 of Cosmetri

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