Category: Support

Yes! We can provide training for one or more VAs in using the Cosmetri software. Trainings are delivered online and can be designed according to your requirements. For details on our training and custom support fees, click here.

For further information and tips on managing VAs see the following blog article and the Product Manager User Guide.

Yes. Comprehensive user manuals are available as PDF files, accessible when logged in to the application. Click in the user menu (top right). User guides are regularly updated, so please check that you are viewing the current version. The software version and publication date can be checked in the guide’s intro page.

Technical support is free to all subscribers for problems and questions you may have for the following type of issues:

  • Bugs
  • Browser-related issues
  • Security
  • Upgrading, billing and payment
  • Login problems

If you need urgent support, submit your request here. You’ll normally receive a response within the same working day. For any system-wide urgent issues, we have on-call technical staff who are notified of these matters automatically.

Technical support does not cover ‘how to’ questions such as ‘How do I create a compliant formula?’ or ‘How can I use Product Manager for managing my manufacturing?’. These type of questions require online training, which we can provide. Your plan may include some free training. Please check the plans page (Product Manager or Cosmetri GMP) for details. If you require additional online training, click here to purchase training time in advance of scheduling any training sessions.