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Jan 2021
EU Regulation 1223/2009
Regulation No (EC) 1223/2009 are a necessary set of regulations companies must comply with in order to sell their cosmetic products within the Europea...
May 2019
Cosmetics GMP Software now Available
Software: cosmetri GMP Version: 1.0.0 Release date: 29th April 2019 Cosmetri GMP is the brand new, turnkey solution for cosmetics manufacturers requ...
Apr 2018
Cosmetri on HTTP/2 – Now Faster than Ever
We’re excited to announce that we have now successfully moved the Cosmetri applications to HTTP/2 – the latest HTTP successor designed by Engi...
Mar 2018
Software for Stability Testing Cosmetics
If you require stability testing cosmetics such as the preservative efficacy test (PET), commonly known as challenge testing or other scheduled tes...
Nov 2017
PIF Software for Cosmetic Product Dossier
PIF software from cosmetri, enables fast generation and therefore easy maintenance of your product information file, also known as the PIF. This is a ...