Announcing cosmetri v.3.6

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Release date: 7th October 2017

If you develop products for clients or require advanced R&D tools, read on to find out how cosmetri v3.6 can empower you with the tools required to manage your projects effectively and accelerate your product development.

New ‘Projects’ feature

Create a project which defines the initial request from a client, or an idea you are developing for your own product or line. Enter information such as required appearance, smell and packaging. You can also provide benchmark references to competitor products, including uploading links and photos.

cosmetri projects feature

An authorized user can then approve the project and associate this with one or more products. Set custom statuses for your projects, such as ‘Release to R&D’ and associate the project with a custom task. Clone the project data to the new product ‘Requirements’ tab. You can even grant restricted access to your clients, who enter their own product requests directly.

New product ‘Requirements’ tab

This new tab can be cloned from an associated Project, or directly enter the required properties of the product, forming the target specification for the formulas you develop.

product requirements tab

New tasks management features

Associate a custom task with any of the following:

  • Project
  • Product
  • Formula
  • Raw Material
  • Ingredient
  • Document
  • Packaging Item
  • Company
  • Test Group in QA tab (formula/raw material/packaging item/product batch/manufacturing order)
  • Manufacturing Order

Include a custom task in the Compliance Checker score, which then changes the overall % completion.

custom task compliance checker

cosmetri Compliance Checker

Setting the Compliance Checker for batch-related tasks now updates the % score accordingly – useful if you only require an initial dossier/PIF prior to launch of your product and do not yet have batch-level data for your raw materials.

compliance checker batch-related tasks

Custom task statuses can now be set in your Global Settings for all plan types, not only Enterprise.

custom task statuses

Improved QA and testing

Export test data options (as PDF and XLS) to include the formula’s method of manufacture, raw materials composition and ingredients data. Select whether to export all test results or only data from selected test groups.

export test data options

In the Global Settings, you can now create up to three custom QA statuses for formulas, raw materials and packaging items. Note, that the default status ‘Approved’ must still be used for e.g. allowing a formula to be set to production mode, or a raw material batch to be available for dispense.

Tests in test groups applied by default to a QA tab can now be configured faster.

Improved product management tools

We’ve further improved the display of your products list and how to activate the Compliance Checker.

We’ve also improved the management of Product Categories, making it possible to bulk move products between categories.

New virtual assistant management

You can now directly hire your own VA and add them as a user in your cosmetri account. Enter a monthly allocation of hours for each VA and view remaining hours available for the current month on your dashboard. Each VA can log their hours in the Team/Time Sheet. Generate an activity report for each VA over any time frame.

cosmetri virtual assistants VA feature

Improved raw materials management

There’s a new option to export raw materials data including or excluding batches.

export raw material data

A new field in the raw material ‘Information’ tab enables the entry of the raw material’s USPs or properties.

Other improvements and bug fixes in v3.6:

  • Export formula costs data including part code/ID for raw materials (in BoM), min, max. and average cost per L/kg
  • Improved usability and display of Departments settings
  • Improved management of ‘Users’ tab in Global Settings
  • Packaging ‘Info’ tab – two ‘other’ fields now allow long texts
  • No display of inventory alerts for parent items in lists (raw materials and packaging items) for deprecated parents which previously also served as batches
  • Text comments fields default view enlarged to show more lines of text
  • Fixed character encoding problem reported in some text fields
  • MS Edge browser – now possible to export the formula costs data