10 simple steps to make your cosmetics business more efficient

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We understand that managing a cosmetics business can be a headache. Inefficient working practices and unreliable systems can eat away at your profit margins, cause stress in the workplace and can even compromise the safety, quality and compliance of your products.

Our mission at cosmetri is to provide cosmetic companies with a secure, user-friendly and systems-based approach to managing your products – from R&D thru to compliance, manufacture and product-lifecycle management. If you’ve yet to take a free trial of cosmetri, or haven’t kept up to date with us, we’ve got a surprise for you! Our team have been working tirelessly over the months, to keep improving our software and to listen to our growing customer base, as we position ourselves as the no.1 software solution for the cosmetics industry.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our free ’10-Step Trial’ of the cosmetri software. Whether you’ve recently subscribed to cosmetri, or would like to take a free 14-day, trial, you’ll only require a few minutes to populate your account with demo data and see how easy it is to:

  1. Optimize and customize your default settings
  2. Set up product quick links for easy navigation
  3. Associate packaging sets with the product’s pack sizes / SKUs
  4. Perform formula cost simulations
  5. Activate an additional compliance zone and associate with the formula
  6. Check compliance of the formula
  7. Configure a test group for the formula and a raw material
  8. Set formula to production-mode and activate the Compliance Checker
  9. Check the Compliance Checker tasks
  10. Generate a product dossier / PIF

We’ve released a new, easy-to-follow 10-Step guide which you can download it here:

To request access to the free trial version of cosmetri, click below:

If you prefer, we can show you in a live demo, by importing the data into your cosmetri account and walking you through each step. We’re confident that you’ll be amazed, how easy it is to learn the software and put it to work in your cosmetics business.

What have you go to lose? To schedule a free getting started session and demo with us, click on the link below:

PIF software for generation of cosmetic product dossier